A trekking pole is a device used to assist a mountaineering athlete. The trekking poles allow outdoor mountaineering to pass through the relaxed life, improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on the legs. According to the study, the use of trekking poles during walking can reduce the strength of at least 22% of the muscles and joints such as the legs and knees, making the legs feel more comfortable while using two trekking poles can provide better balance. When the trunk is not found, it can also be used as a strut for tarpaulins.


A trekking pole is an auxiliary device used for outdoor sports such as hiking and hiking below the snow line. According to the research, the use of trekking poles during walking can bring many benefits to people in sports, such as 1. Reduce the pressure on the knee joint by 22%, fully protect the knee; 2. Improve the stability of walking and maintain the balance of the body. Avoid sports injuries; 3. Increase the range and frequency of movement of the body, increase walking speed; 4. Uniform exercise of the whole body muscles, protect the waist and spine; 5. Reduce physical energy consumption by 30%; 6. Can be used as a shelter for rain or awning; 7. encounter wild animals can be used for self-defense and so on.


  1. Material: carbon fiber alpenstock (light), titanium alloy alpenstock (expensive), aluminum alloy alpenstock (cheap), wooden alpenstock (feelings)2. According to the number of sections: three sections of alpenstock (standard), four sections of alpenstock (super short), two sections of alpenstock (longer) and one section of alpenstock (not easy to carry)3. Press the handle: straight handle alpenstock (professional outdoor sports), t-handle alpenstock (leisure sports and daily life), oblique handle alpenstock (special for site hiking)

  2. The handle is usually made of EVA, rubber, cork, plastic and other materials. Each material has the following characteristics: EVA: comfortable grip, full and elastic, not affected by the season, the material has a sweat-absorbing function; rubber: full grip, winter Hard and easy to crack, does not have the function of absorbing sweat, easy to slip in summer; cork: full grip, not affected by the season, the material has a sweat-absorbing function, easy to wear and desquamation; plastic: poor grip, easy to crack in winter, easy to slip in summer, but Low cost, cheap and convenient.

3、This is the most important part to consider when purchasing a trekking pole. Because the mutual transmission of the trekking pole and the user’s body strength is mainly through the wristband, it should be considered when selecting a good wristband whether it has the following characteristics: Wide, narrow on both sides, can prevent the hand; the wrist strap adjustment buckle is placed at the connection with the trekking pole, does not touch the hand to prevent the hand; the inside of the wristband is a suede anti-friction material, effectively protecting the wristband contact Skin.

4、The material of the pole is usually made of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, wood, steel, etc. Among them, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are the most extensive. Several materials have the following characteristics: aluminum alloy: durable, low price, weight ratio carbon fiber and titanium The alloy is heavy and easy to corrode; carbon fiber: lightweight, material elasticity and toughness, high strength ratio, corrosion resistance, and high price; titanium alloy:lightweight, material elasticity and strength, corrosion resistance and high price.

5、The locking system is the core safety component of a trekking pole, and 90% of the trekking pole problems are caused by a locking system failure. Low-cost trekking poles generally use ordinary plastic parts that are easily deformed, while high-end trekking poles are made of high-hard engineering plastics (crystal-molded) and precision cut. Such as the industry-recognized advanced locking system, Black Diamond / Black Diamond’s self-developed Flicklock joint locking system, Robinson’s patented SLS second-generation locking system, Wildview / Di’s 3LS safety locking system.

6、At the same time, the aluminum trekking poles are equipped with a suspension system along with the locking system. As a spring component, the suspension system can effectively cushion the impact force. When the slope is downhill, the pressure on the knee can be reduced. However, since the spring absorbs the thrust when going uphill, it will consume additional physical strength when walking for a long time. In addition, spring parts with poor material quality are prone to rust, breakage, slippage, etc., causing the locking system to buckle or fail. The trekking pole made of carbon fiber and titanium alloy has good elasticity and toughness, so it can achieve balanced shock absorption without the need for a shock absorber system.

7、Mud mud

support can prevent trekking poles from falling into the mud. However, the environment through which the mountaineering passes has many thorn bushes. The mud support will hinder the convenience of the action, so it should be noted that the mud tray should be able to be disassembled quickly without causing trouble.

8、The tip of the rod is made of rubber head, iron, carbon tungsten steel. Carbon tungsten steel is the hardest and most expensive, and the rubber head is the cheapest, but it is also less able to cope with the rugged outdoor terrain, and the wear resistance is not as good as the carbon tungsten steelhead. The pattern of the tip of the stick is usually a mesh pattern, a diamond pattern, a lattice pattern, etc., wherein the diamond pattern has the best anti-slip property and penetration.

Trekking stick purchase points

  1. Check the lock: Lock the sections of the trekking pole and press down with full force to make sure it will not break, and the locking system can bear the weight.

2, tie the wristband: attach the wristband during the hiking, can let the comfortable state, and swing the cane back and forth, if the wristband will hurt your wrist, and then continue to find. The wristband is best to be soft and has some elasticity. It can be easily adjusted to the required degree of firmness and is not easy to fall off.

3, choose the handle: the use of cork and foam handles of trekking poles, usually the palm of the hand is easy to sweat or often in the rainy days, the first choice for people, because of these materials, even if wet, have better friction. The handles of rubber, plastic and other materials are slippery when wet, and the hand feel is not particularly good, but durable and strong. If your palms are prone to sweating, avoid using plastic grips because they tend to slip out of the palm like wet fish. Cork or foam cane is best caught. In cold weather, the handle of the foam feels warmer than cork, plastic, wood or rubber.

4, choose material: aluminum trekking poles, sturdy, lightweight, cheap, most manufacturers use aluminum alloy materials. If you are a person with high-quality requirements, you can choose a lighter new cane of carbon fiber or titanium alloy. Carbon fiber, as strong as aluminum alloy, but lighter in weight, but more expensive. Titanium alloys are lighter but more expensive. The trekking poles made of carbon fiber and titanium alloy are relatively small in diameter, making them feel light. You can use them quickly when you use them, and it is easy to put the tip of the stick in a suitable position.

CARBON F200+ carbon fiber

.CARBON (carbon fiber) is widely used in the aerospace and aircraft industries due to its light weight, corrosion resistance, and insignificant physical response to temperature changes (thermal expansion and contraction characteristics are not obvious), but the strength of the anti-fracture trekking pole is not high. It has always been the biggest controversy about whether to start using carbon fiber. KOMPERDELL has been experimenting with top skiers for many years, using carbon fiber handcuffs, through a special ring-shaped multi-layer arrangement called “carbon fiber F200+ technology”, without breaking the weight of the handcuffs The strength is increased from 50KG to 200KG.

Select the number of nodes: First, select according to the intensity of the activity. The more the number of cases, the lower the bearing capacity. When it comes to leisure activities, the most prominent is to carry it easily, so the four-strap is the first choice. When the activity has a certain intensity, choose the three-segment to ensure safety.

Multi-layer 100% carbon fiber: Through the special multi-layered carbon fiber, it increases the hardness of the handcuff, but does not increase the weight of the handcuff.

TITANAL high-density aluminum alloy

TITANAL is also widely used in the aerospace and aircraft industries because it requires long-term contact with the limits. It is also an important material in sports equipment. High density and lightweight. The strength can be as high as one steel but only one-third of the weight of steel.

Based on the general TITANAL, after the secondary refining and heat treatment, the 7075-T6 material is the material of most KOMPERDELL canes.

POWER LOCK length adjustment system: It is convenient to adjust the length quickly when wearing gloves. Open the lock to adjust the length; lock it to fix the length. This system won the VOLVO Sports Design Award in 2006 IS POINTER.

The strength of the cane suspension can be adjusted to match the different needs of each person (male, female, young). Generally, the greater the impact force, the stronger the suspension system is. The upper limit can save the system when it is uphill; If it can be used, it can reduce the collision strength of the wrist trekking pole.

This pneumatic shock absorber system is the only system that can adjust the shock strength according to individual needs.