Carbon fiber cloth use method

1. The carbon fiber cloth in the aerospace and defense field is generally a special military grade 1K, 3K carbon fiber cloth, mainly plain cloth. Which it is characterized by fine preparation, high strength, and is generally used in combination with special resin;
2, sports and entertainment equipment fields such as fishing tackle, fishing rods, golf clubs, generally made of carbon fiber cloth into a variety of prepreg, non-woven fabrics, and then used;

The carbon fiber cloth in the industrial field is used for bags, shoes, auto parts, motorcycle parts, etc. It is also made of carbon fiber cloth into various prepreg, mainly woven cloth and epoxy resin. One-way carbon fiber cloth for reinforcing civil engineering and epoxy resin.

The main kinds ofAccording to the different carbon fiber precursor, it can be divided into 1. PAN-based carbon fiber cloth (over 90% of which is on the market);2. Viscose based carbon fiber cloth;3. Asphalt-based carbon fiber cloth. According to the different specifications of carbon fiber, it can be divided into 1,1 K carbon fiber cloth;2, 3k carbon fiber cloth, 3, 6k carbon fiber cloth;4,12 K carbon fiber cloth;5,24 K and above large tow carbon fiber cloth. Three carbon fiber carbonization can be divided into 1, graphitized carbon fiber cloth can withstand 2000-3000 degrees high temperature;2, carbon fiber cloth, can withstand about 1000 degrees of high temperature, 3, pre-oxidized carbon fiber cloth, can withstand 200–300 degrees of high temperature

According to the different weaving methods, they can be divided into:

1, woven carbon fiber cloth, mainly: plain cloth, twill cloth, satin cloth, unidirectional cloth, etc.;

2, knitted carbon fiber cloth, mainly: warp knitted fabric, weft knitted fabric, round machine cloth (sleeve), flat knitting machine (rib fabric);
3, woven carbon fiber cloth, mainly: casing, packing, braid, two-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional woven cloth, etc.;
4, carbon fiber prepreg, mainly: dry prepreg; wet prepreg; unidirectional prepreg; prepreg; no cloth;
5, carbon fiber non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, namely carbon fiber felt, carbon felt, including chopped strand mat, continuous felt, surface felt, needle felt, suture felt, etc.

According to the different uses of carbon fiber, it can be divided into:

1, aerospace defense carbon fiber cloth aircraft Primary construction: main wing, tail wing, body
Secondary structural members: auxiliary wing, rudder, elevator
Interior materials: floor, partition, beam, face wash, seat/Fire arrow
Booster, protective cover, hood, high-frequency transmitter
Artificial satellite/Antenna, solar panel, structural parts

2, carbon fiber cloth for sports and entertainment equipment
Fishing tackle/Fishing rod, reel/Golf
Rod, head, panel, shoe/racket/Tennis, badminton, squash/bicycle
Frame, wheel, faucet
Industrial carbon fiber cloth
Car/Driveshaft, racing car, tail wing, hood, fairing/motorcycle
Helmet, exhaust pipe cover, mirror housing
Train/Train body, maglev train, seat/Mechanical Parts
Fiber products, spring plates, robot arms, bearings, gears, cams

High-speed revolving body/Telecentric separator rotary shaft, shaft concentrating cylinder, armored car, rod/electronics
Parabolic antenna, speaker, VTR parts, CD parts, heating tube/wind power/Blade,/main unit, scroll pump

Pressure vessel, oil pressure plate, pressure vessel, gas cylinder/Subsea oil platform
Fixed chain lock, platform, submarine cable reinforced fiber/Chemical device
Mixer, pipe, storage tank/Medical machinery
Board, X-ray equipment, surgical supplies, wheelchairs, artificial organs
Bridges, tunnels, concrete structures, seismic, reinforcement, reinforcement materials/Office equipment/Printer bearing, cam, dry battery
precision instrument/Camera parts, large mechanical parts/Corrosion resistant appliance/Pump parts, large mechanical parts, sealing materials
Marine ship