SINO is a wholesale provider of many quality Carbon fiber products such as tubes, pipes, sheets, composite materials and more.

CEO Jack

Is your business searching for a supplier of high quality Carbon fiber products? Located in China, if you purchase from us, we offer many additional convenient services, all of which cannot be easily provided by other Carbon fiber product suppliers.


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us, I hope you have enjoyed browsing our website.

Our mission, One-stop service ,besides having fun is to provide the best possible personalised service where customers feel free to contact us and have all their questions answered before making an order.



Jack Jia
Jack JiaCEO&Funder
The founder of our team, a wise and humorous man with great energy and more than 10 years of working experience
Claudine Guo
Claudine GuoYour Content Goes Here
The gentle and considerate woman, often brings us delicious food, has the French study abroad experience, has many years of foreign trade work experience
Wenjia Deng
Wenjia DengDesign Manager
A conscientious workaholic, she is highly efficient and has five years of design experience.She will give us the best ideas and the best works