The advantages of carbon fiber mechanical arm made of carbon fiber composite material are as follows:

1, lightweight, high strength. Can improve product stiffness, reduce the overall weight, more energy saving, more efficient;

2. Wear resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, stable physical properties, excellent anti-fatigue performance and more durable;

3. Unique layer and anti-shake structure design;

4. Advanced molding, CNC machining center to ensure dimensional accuracy;

5, outstanding corrosion resistance, longer service life.

The performance defects of the traditional metal mechanical arm are as follows: The traditional mechanical arm is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. Its strength can be guaranteed in a short time. However, due to the heavy metal components, long-term fatigue is prone to produce local permanent cumulative damage, until the final fracture of equipment failure, or even cause accidents.

The working principle of:

1、Working principle: compressed air is fed into the glue bottle (syringe) to transfer the gluePrinciple of dispensing machinePress into the feed tube connected to the piston chamber. When the piston is in the upper stroke, the piston chamber is filled with glue. When the piston pushes down the glue needle, the glue is pressed out from the nozzle. The amount of glue dripped is determined by the distance the piston plungers down. Which it can be adjusted manually or controlled by software.
2、Features: high speed, low sensitivity to adhesive viscosity.
3、 Advantages: it can improve the speed of high point glue, improve the glue environment and improve the quality of high point glue.

Apply the liquid

Fat solvents, adhesives, paint, chemical materials, solid glue, etc., including silicone. EMI conductive adhesive, UV glue, AB glue, quick-drying glue, epoxy glue, sealant, hot glue, grease. Silver glue, red glue, solder paste, cooling paste, solder paste, clear lacquer, screws, wood glue. Anaerobic adhesive, acrylic adhesive, adhesive wear, crystal glue, glue, horn glue. Instant glue, rubber, paint, enamel paint, lacquer, printing ink, paint, etc.

Maintenance method

The quality of the dispenser’s daily maintenance directly affects the dispenser’s service life. The daily maintenance work of the dispenser has a great impact on the service life of the dispenser, including the smooth degree in the normal use process. The following are the daily maintenance steps of the dispenser:

1、 Replace the rubber, need to clean the pipeline. At this time, close the feeding valve first, open the discharge valve, and discharge the remaining rubber in the plastic bucket. Then, close the discharge valve, open the feeding valve, and pour the cleaning solvent into the plastic bucket, activate the machine。 And press the solvent out to flush according to the normal operation mode.

2. If the air inlet is abnormal and water vapor is found. Please remove the water vapor in the pressure regulating filter or check whether there is any abnormality in the air pressure source. Before the use of a large number of glue dispenser. Please try the product in a small amount and master the use skills to avoid errors. When the test is no problem, then use the double-liquid drop dispenser or double liquid dispenser to carry out mass production; The vacuum pumping system vacuumizes and defoams the glue to remove the bubbles generated in the mixing process. Or let it sit for 10-20 minutes before use. So that the bubbles generated in the mixing process can be removed in time.

3. Please wipe the machine part clean regularly to increase its service life. The more amount of glue mixed together, the faster the reaction will be, the faster the curing speed will be. So according to the actual production situation for reasonable glue, otherwise, cause a waste of glue. Eliminate accidents and improve production efficiency. Nowadays liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are widely used in various fields of modern industry.

4、 The machine should be a long time out of service when the power supply. So not only can make the life of the machine and will save a lot of electricity. With the rapid development of industry, liquid control technology. And dispensing equipment is also developing to ultra-high precision control and diversification and specialization. Note: after each use, clean the area you can see, wipe it with alcohol, and put some oil or butter on the part where you exercise regularly to keep it lubricated. If you don’t need to polish the glue for a long time. Otherwise, it will solidify in the LED glue dispenser and cost money to clean.