Well known as carbon fiber tubes,the pure carbon fiber tube is prepared by pre-immersion carbon fiber cloth into medium temperature epoxy resin and curing.In the process of manufacturing, various types of profiles can be produced through the mold of the process pyrotechnic, such as carbon fiber circular tubes with different specifications, square tubes with different specifications, sheet materials with different specifications, and other profiles. In the later manufacturing process, various colors and patterns can be applied to the formed carbon fiber tube body.Labor for a carbon fiber tube several aspects of the carbon fiber content, the modulus, carbon fiber is directly related to the intensity of carbon fiber tube of physical function and said as usual cases, tensile strength of carbon fiber tube can reach more than 3000 mpa, is 10 times more than steel, but its component and compared with the steel volume, as long as less than a quarter of steel. In order to is that the carbon fiber tube represented by the obvious characteristic is light weight, high strength, since the advent of there is the king of the “information” of good reputation.

of course, to deal with the differences of carbon fiber tube, exploit differences places on the cascade design, it also have differences, as a result of the carbon fiber presoak cloth can choose many specifications, with is, design staff in details to the carbon fiber tube strength requirements, can be mobile use, local stress points for enhanced cascade disposition. Like we used to carbon fiber bicycle fittings, ship model fitting, paddle fitting, sail, mast, golf clubs, etc., and its mechanical characteristics are each are not identical


Carbon fiber tubes have the advantages of high strength, long life, corrosion resistance, light weight and low density. They are widely used in kites, aviation model airplanes, lamp holders, PC equipment rotating shaft, etching machines, medical equipment, sports equipment and other mechanical equipment.A series of excellent properties such as dimensional stability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, self-lubrication and energy absorbing and seismic resistance.It has high specific modulus, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

by kalumi