China Keqiao city launches the nation’s first carbon fiber “lightweight” product batch production line

The mass production cost of the new 'lightweight' wheel hub, will be less than 70 RMB/pc(about $10.5) in the future. Yesterday, Pan Weirun, chairman of China Zhejiang Laifu Mould Co., Ltd. excitedly told Reporters, they have reached long-term cooperation with Didi sharing bicycles Co. and Emma electric vehicles Co., and will provide tens of millions of "lightweight" wheels every year. In

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Part of carbon fiber products

The sample equipment provided by our engineers has also been given a very windy shape. Everyone likes to take these small samples for various displays and photographs. No matter from the texture or the style, there is a feeling that people can't put it down. One of my friends actually took carbon fiber

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Video of carbon fiber sheet

Carbon fiber sheets are used in a wide range of applications. Whether it is processed into automotive parts or sports equipment, high-quality carbon fiber boards are a must. Our raw materials are sourced from imported high quality materials manufacturers and can provide you with a variety of solutions. These materials can also

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Video of carbon fiber tubes

This is part of our carbon fiber tube product, which is made from quality imported materials. The size can be customized and can be widely applied to the leisure, sports and transportation industries. We can now customize the carbon fiber tubes for our customers to meet their production needs. In addition

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What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is widely known for its amazing characteristics which include its strength and lightweight properties. It is five times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, yet weighs less, which makes it ideal for a variety of industries and products. It is made of thin, strong, crystalline filament of carbon that is used to strengthen the

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