It is a special material for fuel cell experiments, namely gas diffusion layer. The gas diffusion layer is an indispensable material in the heart membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of fuel cells. It plays the role of communication bridge between MEA and bipolar plates. .

Its main features include:

  1. Guide gas from the flow guiding groove of the graphite plate to the coal seam;

  2. Smoothly remove the reaction product water from the catalyst layer to avoid flooding problems;

  3. Conductor of current;

  4. It has a heat dissipation function when the fuel cell reacts;

  5. Sufficient strength to support the MEA when it is deformed due to excessive water absorption.

product description:

  1. Design and development for the purpose of MEA assembly. The main difference between the two latest carbon cloths is the selectivity of thickness.

  2. This series of products can be treated with different hydrophobicity to ensure the best fuel cell efficiency.

  3. The advantages of the W series are its physical strength and uniform pore size, which can be further enhanced by the coating of MPL.

  4. Sample size: 400*400mm, width is 400mm, length can be increased by 400mm as many times as needed

Application direction:

  1. Used in the field of electrochemistry, as a base material for electrodeposition, depositing metal oxide on carbon cloth to test the performance of metal oxides ORR, OER, HER

  2. Research on microbial fuel cells, as the cathode of the battery, electron acceptance and transfer

  3. Used in supercapacitors research, as a current collector, electron transfer, collection of current structures or parts

  4. Research on lithium battery, as the negative electrode of the battery, electron acceptance and transfer

At present, the carbon paper (carbon cloth) used in domestic fuel cell research and production, the main manufacturers are Japan Toray, Germany SGL, Canada Barnard and China Taiwan Carbon Energy Company, these four products have achieved a certain mechanical performance. The strength while maintaining good electrical, thermal and gas transmission rates. In terms of quality, the four raw materials are made of Japanese carbon fiber, and each technology has its own characteristics. However, high cost performance is still an important indicator that carbon fiber paper is currently selected by customers. Carbon energy is characterized by carbon paper carbon cloth used in fuel cells, so the sales situation in this market is the most flexible, and will be provided for large and small batches.

Carbon cloth reinforcement is a relatively common method and has the following advantages:

  1. The carbon cloth itself has light weight and small thickness, so it hardly increases the quality and volume after reinforcement;

      2, has good flexibility, suitable for beams, columns, plates, pipes and walls and other shapes of components;

      3, acid, alkali, physical corrosion, suitable for a variety of different environments;

  1. Convenient construction and short cycle.

By Kalumi