As a kind of sports, archery is very popular among people. With the development of technology, bows and arrows are no longer made of tantalum and wood alone, and other materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, and aluminum metal can also be used to make bows and arrows. Carbon fiber and aluminum arrow are two kinds of arrows with better sales. Which one is better?

1. From the time they appeared, the time when the aluminum arrow was created was 1939, and it has a history of more than 70 years. Carbon fiber arrows appear 30 years later than aluminum arrows and are a relatively new product. After so many years of development, the aluminum arrow has been very skillful, and the carbon fiber arrow is not as bad as a new product.

2. From the weight point of view, the weight of carbon fiber arrow and aluminum arrow is very light. The arrow always shoots as far as possible, so that the same strength is achieved, and the lightweight is shot far.

3. From the performance point of view, the aluminum arrow is easy to bend, the use time is not durable, but it is not easy to break or damage. Carbon fiber arrows are very good in strength and durability. They are flexible in archery, less affected by external forces, more stable and have a long service life. But it has a shortcoming, and it is fragile and easy to break.

4. from the price point of view, the carbon fiber production method is more complicated, the price is more expensive than aluminum, so if you are not very plentiful, you will still choose to buy aluminum arrows.

These two arrows have similarities and different places. There is no clear rule about which personal preference to rely on for archers. Here is a special reminder, if you are a newcomer in archery, these two arrows are not recommended, they are more suitable for professional and older shooters, because they are very light weight, novices will be unable to control.