With the development of society, in recent years, the advanced composite material industry such as carbon fiber has been developing rapidly. The application of carbon fiber in the high-end composite material market has been quite popular, mainly including the military and civil aviation, sports and leisure and civil industry.However, carbon fibre has become an integral part of drones.In order to guarantee the carrying capacity and extended endurance of the uav, its shell structure needs to be large in stiffness and light in weight. Therefore, currently, the outer shell of the uav is generally made of engineering plastics, but gradually replaced by carbon fiber composite material.

With the wide application of carbon fiber composites in large military fighter jets and civilian airliners, it is also considered as the best material choice to solve the problem of weight reduction in unmanned aerial vehicles.

Compared with traditional metal materials and composites, carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of high specific strength and stiffness, small thermal expansion coefficient, strong fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, and can reduce the weight by 25%~30% when applied to uav structures.Resin matrix composites have many advantages, such as light weight, complex or large structure, and large design space.

The application in uav structure can greatly improve and improve the comprehensive performance of uav.

At present, advanced carbon fiber composites are widely used in the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) all over the world. The application of carbon fiber composites plays a crucial role in the lightweight, miniaturization and high performance of uav structure.

As a high-tech product, uav can be used for aerial photography, image transmission, geographical survey, plant protection irrigation, surveying and mapping, etc. Nowadays, it is widely used in many fields. It works like an airplane. It’s light, strong, and it works better. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is made of a variety of materials. Early uav manufacturing materials were mostly aluminum alloy, and a small part of titanium alloy and steel.Metal materials have high strength but heavy weight, generally lower than strength and stiffness, resulting in small payload coefficient of uav, and easy to reflect radar signals to form secondary band, which is very unfavorable if used in military.Carbon fiber material can make up for these shortcomings, it is higher than strength, electromagnetic shielding effect, the following shandong zibozhongdu China trade co. 

Carbon fiber material is light and strong, with excellent physical and chemical properties. Nowadays, aerial cameras, plant protection machines, model toy planes and other aircraft are all inclined to use this high-tech material, which is very popular among people.

Performance: compared with the metal, the weight of the aluminum alloy low, depending on the alloy elements and different, density in 2.2 ~ 2.8 g/cm ^ 3, tensile strength of about 300 mpa, the low elasticity and rigidity.Aluminum itself is a very corrosion-prone material, but aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, and it forms an oxidation film in the air to prevent further corrosion. The density of carbon fiber composite materials is only 1.6 g/cm ^ 3, the high strength than steel, and earthquake resistant, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, compared to aluminum alloy. Carbon fiber tubes can be shaped using a variety of processes, such as winding, moulding, extrusion and hot pressing.Compared with aluminum alloy, it is easy to be shaped in one body, which can reduce the use of parts, simplify the structure and reduce the weight. Carbon fiber is more expensive than aluminum, but as the economy has grown, it has become more affordable.Besides, the use of lightweight carbon fiber materials can reduce the energy consumption of the uav, which is also of great significance to environmental protection. In the long run, the economic benefits are remarkable. The fatigue limit of most metals is 30%~50% of its tensile strength, while the fatigue limit of carbon fiber composites can reach 70%~80% of its tensile strength, which can reduce accidents in the process of use with high safety and long life.Today’s drones tend to use carbon fibre. To sum up, carbon fiber composite is light in weight, high in stiffness and strength, and can make various shape structures in one system. It has become the optimal material for the application of uav enclosure at present, and it is irreplaceable.

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