Carbon fiber new products——carbon fiber bathtub

The temptation of carbon fiber lines seems to be beyond the ordinary people’s understanding. In this carbon fiber bathtub product launched a few days ago, it opened an incredible market in the bathroom field. Because the price of this carbon fiber bathtub is as high as 68,000 US dollars, and the global limit is 51, it is hand-built. It takes 8-10 weeks to wait for delivery after ordering. This carbon fiber bathtub is produced in Austria. It is made of all carbon fiber and has a total weight of only about 36.0kg. It is 2430mm long, 1230mm wide and 640mm high. It can hold about 330L of water. It is quite enough for an adult bathing space. I believe that this carbon fiber bathtub should open the eyes of many people, but in fact there are more amazing products in the manufacture of carbon fiber.

Many customers say that they are enthusiastic advocates of carbon fiber, so in addition to carbon fiber bathtubs, there are some AUTOART carbon fiber seat towel hangers, carbon fiber toilet lids, AUTOART carbon fiber reels, knives, mobile phone cases, cigar boxes and other life-related boutiques. They are all made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber materials are gradually deepening into people’s lives, and can gradually build products that can be assured according to people’s needs.