Carbon fiber Which brand better ? Looking for China Shandong sinoflyelephant

You still use aluminum ,iron,steel material ? Take a look at the carbon fiber material .will replace your needs .

The advance of carbon fiber material :


Light in weight ,

carbon fiber composties typically have a density of 1.6-2.1g/CM3,Which is lighter than many metal matericals .(aluminum has a density of about 2.7g/CM3),and iron has a density  of about 7.8g/CM3)


Uv and corrosion resistance

Carbon fiber composites resist ultraviolet light, eliminating the harmful effects of ultraviolet light that plague many materials.Carbon fiber composites have excellent corrosion resistance and work well in complex and harsh environments


Wear-resisting.Impact resistance.

Our carbon fiber composite has better abrasion resistance and impact effect than other materials.




Carbon fiber composite material five poisons.Chemical stability,X – ray permeable, so it is widely used.


Good electrical conductivity

Carbon fiber has good electrical conductivity, and the resistance of 12k carbon fiber is about 35 resistance

We can provide:


glass fiber tube, carbon fiber tube, glass carbon mixing tube

24T,30T,40T,46T,60T and other modulus.

different surface finish, different surface coloring, different rigid strength

Drill tube ,milling groove, precision grinding, custom LOGO, etc.

processing of round, oval, flat, conical, liner shape and other different shapes.* various types of application pipes can be customized according to customer requirements.

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