Carbon fibre water heater

Carbon fiber Yuba breaks through the single function of traditional heating equipment, avoiding the traditional Yuba’s unsatisfactory places in terms of heating effect, lighting effect, energy consumption and safety. It refers to the aerospace top technology material carbon fiber in the field of heating. After high-tech processing, its far-infrared heating efficiency is as high as 98%, which is 30% more energy-saving than traditional Yuba. This is a heating element such as PTC, bulb, halogen tube and ordinary carbon fiber. Unmatched. Since the internal composition and distribution of carbon fiber are fully optimized, the level of far-infrared rays released is also abundant, so that the functions of warming, heating and sterilization are more fully realized in different wavelengths of far infrared. The carbon fiber Yuba developed by this technology with high-efficiency warming function has achieved revolutionary breakthroughs in six standards of heating, environmental protection, life, safety, health care and energy saving.


First, the service life is extended to more than 8000 hours. The carbon fiber heat-sensitive tube is not oxidized under high temperature, the resistance is not increased, it is not blown due to current overload, and the aging resistance is strong.

The second is carbon fiber heat pipe unique carbon fiber heat pipe, high heat conversion efficiency, more than 30% energy saving than the general metal heating body, fully realized energy saving and environmental protection.

Third, this carbon fiber bath has no glare and only radiates 4.5-13.4um far infrared rays, which coincides with the light wavelength of the human being called “light of life” in the range of 6~15μm of infrared wavelength, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It stimulates the atomic and molecular resonance of cells in the human body to produce a thermal effect, which causes the skin and subcutaneous tissue to heat up. It causes the body to heat up from inside to outside, which not only improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, but also promotes the improvement of body functions and endocrine balance, thereby improving Human immunity, to achieve warm health care, soothe fatigue.

Fourth, this carbon fiber Yuba can meet the different needs of the year, and it is suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Its use is unique in each season and varies with the seasons.

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1, the power wiring system should be standardized

Yuba’s power can be up to 1100W or above. Therefore, the power supply wiring of the Yuba must be waterproof. It is best to have a multi-wire copper core wire of not less than 1mm. All power wiring must be placed in a plastic concealed tube. There must be no open line setting, Yuba power control switch must be qualified with waterproof 10A or more capacity, especially the old house bathroom installation bath is more important to regulate.

2, the thickness of Yuba should not be too large

In the installation problem, consumers must pay attention to the thickness of the Yuba when buying, generally about 20 cm. Because the Yuba should be installed on the roof, if you want to install the Yuba, you must add a layer of top under the roof, which is the PVC ceiling we often say, so that the latter part of the Yuba can be sandwiched between the two tops. If the Yuba is too thick, the decoration will be difficult.

3, should be installed in the center of the bathroom

Many homes install it above the bath or shower, so the surface looks hot in the winter but there are security risks. Because the infrared radiation lamp heats up quickly, it is too close to burn the human body. The right approach should be to install the Yuba in the center of the top of the bathroom, or slightly closer to the bathtub, so that it is both safe and functional.

  1. Do not spray with water during work

Special care should be taken when using it: Although Yuba is waterproof, it should not be used for water splashing in actual use. Although Yuba’s waterproof bulb has waterproof performance, the metal fittings in the body can’t do this, that is, The metal in the body is still electrically conductive. If it is splashed with water, it may cause a short circuit in the power supply.

5, avoid frequent switching and vibration

Usually, you can not switch the Yuba frequently. When the Yuba is running, avoid large vibrations around it, otherwise it will affect the service life of the heating bulb. If an abnormal situation occurs during operation, it should be stopped immediately, and it is not allowed to dismantle and repair it by yourself. Be sure to clear the professional technicians in the after-sales service department for maintenance.

6, keep the bathroom clean and dry

After the bath is finished, do not turn off the Yuba immediately. Wait until the moisture in the bathroom is drained and then turn it off. Always keep the bathroom ventilated, clean and dry to extend the service life of the Yuba.