China has successfully developed super carbon fiber reinforced plastics

Chinese researchers have successfully developed ultra-high strength carbon fiber reinforced composites (Ultra-high strength CFRP) to break the blockade imposed on China by foreign countries in this field and successfully overtake in bends. Welcome to the information provided by Knowing Science and Technology. Carbon fiber materials are very common in our life. The most accessible products for ordinary people are fishing rods, automobiles and other products. As for high performance carbon fiber composites, they will be used in military and aviation fields because of their high hardness, toughness, and high toughness. Light weight, has a very wide range of applications.   

This is an important material. Therefore, the western countries which have the right to speak in this field have imposed a strict technical blockade on our country, especially for some high-performance carbon fibers, such as composite carbon fibers, which can be used in the military field. The development of carbon fiber materials in China is also very hard. One is the lack of relevant production equipment, the other is the backward formulation and production technology.

Therefore, the development of domestic high-performance carbon fibers has lagged behind. High-performance carbon fiber composites have been monopolized by foreign giants for a long time. On the one hand, they create technical barriers, on the other hand, they also lead to the high price of high-performance carbon fiber composites, and the exotic goods are available. Even if you want to buy them, it is not an easy thing. Many enterprises have to face the problem of not buying materials even if you have money. However, these problems have been solved recently, and a company located in Jiangsu Province of China has successfully developed super high strength carbon fiber reinforced composites.

According to the relevant experimental data, compared with the imported products of the same type abroad, the domestic carbon fiber composite materials have reached the international advanced level. It is reported that this kind of carbon fiber reinforced plastics produced in our country combines the advantages of plastic products and carbon fibers. Plastics are widely used in our life. The main components are resins and some additives. Plastics are strong and easy to form and can be used in many fields. However, due to its own characteristics, it is not suitable for aging in aerospace and military fields, while carbon fibers are used. Vitamin can enhance the strength of plastics.