China’s first carbon fiber subway successfully tested! Unmanned, known as the “Future Subway”

As everyone knows, for any country in the world, it is basically well known that domestic infrastructure construction plays a vital role in development. Because of this, in the course of decades of development, our country has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to build a variety of facilities for the benefit of the people, thus bringing convenience to the lives of ordinary people. Of course, in the whole process, I also suffered a lot of difficulties.

Take infrastructure technology, in fact, in the beginning of the year, China’s infrastructure strength is not as global as it is now, on the contrary. There is no technology, so in desperation, we can only consult other countries, but all along, Western countries have a common problem, that is, they like to block the technology, so that they are almost helpless. However, in this case, we have not been overwhelmed by difficulties, but instead made up our minds and explored ourselves. Finally, after decades of research, we have the infrastructure technology of today.

At present, China is not only the forefront of infrastructure technology, but also in other fields, such as subway construction technology. Speaking of the subway, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. As the most convenient and cheap transportation in the city, it has been loved by many office workers.

The reason for this is that the simplest reason is that the subway will not be jammed compared to other vehicles such as buses. After all, some office workers are far away from the company. In order to sleep a few more minutes every morning, they are basically going out. If they are stuck in traffic, they may be deducted for late payment. It is not cost-effective. Of course, although the subways in various cities are relatively advanced,

On June 19, according to news reports, a generation of subway trains successfully completed the test run on the commissioning line. This also means that China’s subway construction technology has risen to a new level, because this subway is China’s first carbon fiber subway, it uses a lot of new technology, new materials, known as the “future subway.”

For many people, there is nothing special about seeing it at first sight, just like the ordinary subway, but if you look closely, you will find the particularity. . Whether it’s the whole shape or the facilities inside the cabin, it’s just a sense of technology, just like a sci-fi movie.

First of all, the subway is made of carbon fiber composite material. As a new type of material, it has greatly reduced the size of the subway, which is almost 13% smaller than the ordinary subway. Although this increases the production cost, it also has the dual advantages, that is, not only corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, but also energy saving 15?span> or more, it is a two-pronged one.

Secondly, the subway has also developed the “flexible grouping” function for the first time, and its compartment can realize “2+N” flexible grouping, ranging from 2 to 12. In this way, the MTRC can adjust the number of cars according to the demand of passenger traffic to achieve economic operation.

Then, the subway also uses vibration and noise reduction technology. When passengers are sitting in the compartment, they will not feel particularly loud vibration and noise. Such a good ride environment makes people feel happy.

Finally, that is smart service. The entire compartment of this car is full of advanced atmosphere, because the window is not an ordinary window, it can be turned into an oversized display, its function is similar to “Pad”, browsing news, watching videos, all Can be achieved. In addition, the air conditioning, lighting system, etc. of the cabin are intelligent and can be changed according to the needs of the passengers.

It is understood that this subway uses unmanned technology, its top speed can reach 140 kilometers per hour, even faster than the speed of ordinary trains. This shows that the feeling is really very high.

As China’s technology continues to grow and update people’s lives, China will become more and more powerful!!