On the afternoon of September 18th, at the Berlin International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition (InnoTrans 2018), CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. Chinese train car maker officially released the new generation of carbon fiber subway vehicle “CETROVO”.

The car is a new generation of subways in China. It is developed with a large number of advanced new materials and new technologies. It is a comprehensive upgrade of the traditional subway in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence. It is the latest technological achievement in the field of China’s subway and represents the future subway. The technical trend of the train.

The body, driver’s cab and equipment cabin of the new generation of carbon fiber subway vehicles are reduced by more than 30%, the weight of the steering frame is 40%, and the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced by 13%.

Although the manufacturing cost is higher than the traditional metal materials, the carbon fiber composite material is lighter in weight, has obvious energy-saving advantages, and has excellent fatigue resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and can effectively ensure that the train does not fatigue during the 30-year service period. Failures such as corrosion, reducing maintenance, and thus reducing life cycle costs.

Compared with the traditional subway, the car has more applicability. The new generation of subway vehicles has greater applicability, is more flexible in operation organization, and can adapt to more complex operating environments.

Compared with the traditional subway, the new generation of subway vehicles adapt to the harsher climatic environment, and can operate in complex environments such as high temperature and high humidity, -40℃ high cold, 2500 m high altitude.

The new generation of subway vehicles uses advanced vibration and noise reduction technology to make the ride more comfortable. When the train is running, the passenger room noise is only 68 decibels, which is more than 3 decibels lower than the traditional subway. For the first time, we use a sealed car body. When passengers are riding, they will not feel pressure on the eardrum due to pressure fluctuations inside the car.

With the application of modern intelligent technology, the new generation of subway car compartments has entered the era of “touch”. The car window turns into a touch screen display, and becomes a “magic window” that can convey various video and video information. Equivalent to an oversized version of “Pad”, passengers can use the finger to touch the window, they can watch news, browse the web, buy tickets, swipe videos, watch live TV, etc. on the window, and conveniently access various services. The intelligent passenger service system will bring a new ride experience.

Fully automated, unmanned, the new generation of subway vehicles can operate at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour, faster than traditional subways. Next, a new generation of carbon fiber subway vehicles will undergo type testing and line commissioning.

by Claudine