Carbon fiber front fork tube tutorial

With the popularity of carbon fiber materials, more and more riders are beginning to use carbon fiber products. This year, Xiaobian will tell you about the steps and precautions for carbon fiber front forks.

Please pay attention to the following matters before starting work.

Carbon fiber is different from aluminum alloy. A carbon tube is made of many thin carbon cloth and epoxy resin by heating and pressing. When cutting, it will produce a lot of tiny toner particles, which will stimulate the respiratory tract and skin. Maybe you can’t feel it, but this damage is happening, so you should wear a mask and gloves when you operate. If you are in an open environment, try to stand in the upwind position. In addition, carbon dust is conductive. If you like to order music while repairing the car, please carefully place your music player.

Carbon fiber tube and aluminum alloy bonding technology|manufacturing process.

1, to ensure that it is 3m dp460 authentic. (A treasure has — ever bought)

2, glue must be mixed with a glue gun and mixing nozzle, smear. A simple putter will tilt when used, resulting in a large error in the proportion of a and b components.

3. Read the instructions in detail before use.


  1. Seal the small hole of 1mm on the carbon tube with tape or the like.

  2. . Apply a proper amount of glue to the inner wall of the cleaned carbon tube and the outer wall of the aluminum joint.

  3. Insert a small part of the aluminum joint. At this time, use one thumb or the palm of the hand to seal the other end of the carbon tube. The aluminum joint is pulled out a little, and a negative pressure is formed inside the tube. The glue stays for a moment and the glue will act at atmospheric pressure. Entering the gap, this is to do everything possible to eliminate air bubbles. Then, release the other end and continue to insert a part. Several cycles until fully entered.

      4.vertical curing for more than 12 hours. 5. Open the 1mm hole and bond the other hole. When opening and closing the hole, the effect of step 3 is achieved. Method no longer repeats

Carbon fiber Color tube ;

  1. Origin: China

      2.Specifications: 0.5mm–50mm, special specifications can be opened according to customer requirements.

  1. Length: Cut according to customer’s specific requirements.

4, color: a variety of colors, customized according to customer requirements.

5, physical properties: good straightness, light weight, high strength, strong elasticity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

6, the scope of application: camping tents, mosquito nets, kites, windmills, sails, toys, model aircraft, golf bags, golf practice nets, flagpoles, flying saucers, curtains, bags, umbrellas, handbags, bows, sprayers, handicrafts, advertising X Display stands, PCB equipment shafts, and other alternative steel and plastic product brackets.

7, technical process:

  1. After the glass fiber is impregnated with the resin, it is solidified in a high-speed polymerization device integrated with photoelectric heat, and is drawn and pulled by pulling.

  2. The carbon fiber composite material is pre-impregnated with styrene-based polyester resin by heat curing and pultrusion (tangling).

8, quality: SGS, ISO9001: 2008 and Kadiya International Standard Certification

By Kalumi