The most vulnerable parts of a drone are the wing and the wing arm because once they hit something or fall to the ground, the two parts are first damaged by different degrees of damage.

This drone adopts a circular and integrated structure. The sleek appearance has no cold and temperament, but it greatly ensures the safety of its flight. The carbon fiber material makes it more compressive to ensure that it will not break when it collides or falls.

When a general drone flies, it is necessary to drop a screw, a small part, etc., because these “organs” are designed outside, and it can’t be ruined by an impact. The main electronic components and components of this drone are wrapped in a circular body, and the harsh flight environment is not afraid of damage.

Regardless of how the UAV’s patterns are refurbished, the body that is one of the five core subsystem technologies of the UAV system is the most important basic support factor, lightweight, long-haul time, high load carrying capacity, and interchangeability. The standardized load module is currently the main target for driving the development of the UAV system technology. Lightweight is also the primary condition for long-time, high-load, and module standardization.