The carbon fiber rod, also known as the carbon fiber rod, is a carbon fiber fishing rod made of high-tech carbon fiber composite prepreg cloth, which is different from the ordinary glass fiber fishing rod, namely the glass fiber fishing rod.

Material usage:
Most of the carbon fiber fishing rods are made of non-woven carbon fiber longitudinal namely longitudinal unidirectional cloth tubes, cured by immersion resin. There are also a few carbon fiber rods made of woven and woven carbon fiber prepreg. The carbon fiber content used in rod production directly determines the value and grade of the rod. The general carbon content is about 30%. The fishing rod made of carbon fiber has the characteristics of light, solid and high tensile strength.

At present, the extension and retraction fishing rods sold in the domestic fishing tackle market are mainly divided into glass fiber fishing rod and carbon fiber fishing rod (hereinafter referred to as glass fiber rod and carbon fiber rod). Due to the advantages of lightweight, low sag, high strength, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, carbon fiber rod is deeply loved by the vast number of anglers.

However, due to the complex manufacturing process of carbon fiber, China has not been able to mass production. In addition, carbon fiber is the best material for making the wear-resistant layer of strategic missile warhead, and it is the weight strategic material that western countries limit to export to socialist countries. Therefore, most carbon fiber poles sold in China are imported from South Korea and other places. The retail price of a 7-meter-long pocket carbon fiber rod is more than 500 yuan, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to bear.

So some domestic rod manufacturers in order to cater to consumer psychology, use in the production of tires with carbon black powder will be dark yellow glass fiber cloth, fishing rod after again on pole printed on the carbon fiber content, act as a carbon fiber rod, unknown the truth, but most consumers think that the rod is carbon fiber made of black cloth, made of rod strength is higher than the yellow cloth, instead, because of the glass fiber cloth cannot directly make rods, and must be soaked in phenolic resin adhesive ability after rolled into a cylinder shape into a fishing rod, glass fiber reinforced, skeleton is equivalent to phenolic resin adhesive is equivalent to the cement yellow sand,Adding carbon black powder to phenolic resin glue is like adding soil to cement yellow sand when pouring concrete, which will affect the combination of cement and steel and weaken the strength of fishing rod. This has long been a consensus in the fishing tackle field abroad.

Therefore, all the fiberglass rods exported from China’s fishing rod factories are of natural color (yellow), and carbon black powder is only added into the phenolic resin glue when the inner rod is produced. I would like to remind you that it is better to buy a yellow cloth rod when you buy a glass fiber rod. You should not judge whether a carbon fiber rod is a carbon fiber rod only by the color of the cloth and the so-called carbon content printed on the rod, and there is no need for the fishing rod manufacturer to use the cloth dyed with carbon black powder to produce a false carbon fiber rod. Here are some methods to identify true and false carbon fibers: Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN) or asphalt into a wire, after the high-temperature carbonization made of carbon fiber, the diameter of 10 microns or so, 7~8 together just as thick as a human hair.

Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and good electrical conductivity. Because the carbon fiber is too thin to be crisscrossed like the glass fiber, only all of them are arranged in the longitudinal direction and fixed on the interfacing cloth with glue. Therefore, the real carbon fiber cloth only has the warp line without the weft line, which is an important symbol to distinguish the carbon fiber rod from the glass fiber rod. Sometimes you can see some reticular pattern on the rod body of the carbon fiber rod, which is imprinted by the resin on the lining cloth, which is quite different from the obvious horizontal and vertical interlacing of the glass fiber cloth.

Carbon fiber rod manufacturing technology and glass fiber, are impregnated fabric cut into a header wide a narrow ladder volume on a conical steel core, and then with transparent glass into spiral from the beginning to the end will be tight, electric furnace will glue to dry again, again will cross core exit out of the oven, remove the glass on the rod body, after finishing, painting, assembly, polishing the fishing rod. Thanks to the softness of the freshly wetted cloth and the tightness of the glass tape, the rod was twisted into an uneven spiral rather than a spiral of carbon or glass.

The surface of some fishing rods seems to be smooth, which is made by grinding the protruding part of the rod body with a machine and then drawing the paint. In this way, the integrity of the fiber is somewhat damaged and the strength of the rod is affected. So buy the rod or choose the thread as well. At present domestic carbon fiber fishing tackle market into full carbon and carbon two kinds, because of the carbon fiber is expensive, so the production of the carbon rod will be the diameter of the rod as far as possible when doing very fine, to reduce the amount of carbon fiber cloth, so the whole carbon rod diameter is small, lightweight, hand the whole section 7 7 meters long carbon rod of the outside diameter of glass fiber section 5 5 meters diameter, good recognition from the outside.

The shrink length of the pocket rod is longer than that of the glass fiber rod, generally around 70 cm, and the diameter is very thin. Half of the carbon rod and there are two points: one is that the carbon fiber cloth attached to the outside of the glass fiber cloth roll on the mold core, rod is positioned inside the outside of the glass fiber cloth is open the back cover can clearly see the carbon fiber cloth wall internal reticular pattern, texture, and dark color, outside wall decorative pattern, fine texture, color silver grey, the rod usually coarser, pocket rod with ordinary glass fiber, contraction in 58 cm length. The other is to make the most easily broken first few sections with all-carbon cloth, and the last few sections with glass fiber cloth.

This kind of rod not only has the advantages of carbon fiber rod but also reduces the production cost and selling price, which is deeply loved by the majority of fishing friends. There are two ways to distinguish a carbon rod from a glass rod. If the back cover of the rod body is opened, the unpainted part of the rod body can be seen to be silver-gray, the same color as the carbon brush on the motor, with fine texture and no weft.Glass fiber cloth dyed with carbon black powder is darker in color, with obvious weft lines and rough rod body. The second is measured. Move the multimeter to K, or resistance, and put the two test rods on the unpainted rod at the same time.

If the carbon fiber rod, the watch needle will swing to the right, otherwise it will not move. Due to the excellent electrical conductivity of the carbon fiber rod, it should never be used under thunderstorm and low-altitude naked wire, and the fishing reel should not be picked on the wire with the rod. There have been several reports of casualties caused by the improper use of carbon fiber rods in China.