Koenigsegg produces some of the fastest and rarest cars in the world. They are also mechanical miracles that feature innovation, such as the gearless hybrid system found in Regera. As you can imagine, they are too expensive to be. But if you are rich enough, the ordinary Regera is neither rare nor expensive for you. Koenigsegg may have a solution: bare carbon fiber.

Today, Koenigsegg announced that it has produced the first car made of bare carbon fiber. It is creatively known as Koenigsegg Bare Carbon, or KNC, which does not use paint or varnish to protect the carbon surface. Even a thin layer of epoxy between the carbon fiber and the outside is removed by hand, leaving only pure carbon. The result is a very beautiful car.

carbon fiber Koenigsegg
carbon fiber Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Regera is already a good looking car, but KNC processing takes it to a completely different level. Is it necessary? You are welcome. But look at these photos. This is the pure art of engineering.

Koenigsegg said it took several years to develop the technology. But now it can produce body panels, wheels, wings, splitters, winglets and steering wheels in bare carbon. KNC is said to be unaffected by the weather and is unlikely to pick up rock fragments. Koenigsegg also claims that the Rega of the knc body is 44 pounds lighter than the painted Regera.

“It’s not uncommon for customers to specify their cars with visible carbon fiber.” From a visual point of view, this is a beautiful material, and our customers like to show what the car is made of. KNC takes the concept of visible carbon fiber to a whole new level, showing a beautiful luster and a very smooth appearance. Koenigsegg’s philosophy has always been to explore the limits. This is great to extend to a whole new way to complete and show a car.