The super-suspended high-speed rail launched by Tesla Elon Musk in the United States may not be unfamiliar to us. However, when it comes to the new magnetic suspension car developed by this group, everyone may be curious and unfamiliar.

This kind of conception of people is completely realized on the road of reality. This is something that can’t be imagined and can’t be done, and thus it has reached the concept of a fast driving, and this high-tech floating car looks more wonderful, the car The three sides can even act as the front of the car, or you can float it in the air while driving.

Such equipment does not have wheels as an aid, but it also solves the problem of tire wear, and this kind of car can change direction at will during the driving process, and even can be combined at will, or even can be combined into three from a single large seat. Personal seat. This kind of magnetic levitation car is also made of carbon fiber structure car. It also has the characteristics of hard, light and fast. It can be said that it is very magical. Even the inventor intends to build a magnetic levitation car passage in the area near the office. It is very convenient to get to the airport.

This new technology car, in the future, may save people from the fatigue of driving the steering wheel, and is more likely to bring people to the airport directly and intelligently. Maybe the future traffic will be more and more convenient, and it will become a trend that leads the fashion. Do you think that this magnetic levitation car will liberate your hands?

By Claudine