My relationship with foreign trade can be described as a half-way husband and wife, but thanks to the guidance and help of the people along the way, I have embarked on this challenging and continuous road to surprise me.

Since I set foot on the road of foreign trade in 2016, I have been receiving orders on the Alibaba platform. The first order I received was the Alibaba trade assurance order. This may have a lot to do with the professional guidance provided by our professional operations team (Zibo Cunlei E-commerce Ltd). With their help, we are constantly learning and familiarizing with the processes and rules of Alibaba trade assurance. In the process, I learned the need for the Alibaba trade assurance system. And the importance, but also made me more determined that every order must go to the Alibaba trade assurance order.

During the training, our operations team lecturers once said that products with Alibaba trade assurance trading are more likely to be favored by customers, and there will be advantages in sorting, and unique trading labels can be obtained. Customers can filter suppliers through trading labels and increase exposure opportunities. Suppliers who have passed Alibaba trade assurance will have the opportunity to participate in high-quality promotions at international stations and be given priority to quality customers.

He also said that Alibaba has changed from a purely “data platform” to a “transaction platform”. Like Taobao, there are transaction records, customer evaluations, and star ratings. The future ranking rules are from good Alibaba trade assurance order. The transaction record is over. This will be a long-term evolution process. The international eBay, Amazon will extend this model, and this is the same reason, which is also in line with development requirements. This is a conversion of data collection and precipitation. The easier it is to be discovered, the more traffic and customers will be attracted.

Our brand is: Sinoflyelephant carbon fiber, our main products are carbon fiber products. These include carbon fiber tubes, plates, telescopic rods, sports products, luggage products, drone products, etc.

My first client was a bearded American guy. He was a carbon fiber bicycle accessory. He didn’t want to go to Alibaba trade assurance. He felt that the sample list could be paid by Paypal. Then I explained the benefits of Alibaba trade assurance order. He can protect his rights and interests, so he became my first customer and later became a returning customer. After several times of Alibaba trade assurance order, the flow of my products has increased greatly, and the number of inquiries has changed from a few days to a few days. I have become more and more determined by the belief and determination of Alibaba trade assurance order. The second time we communicate with the customer, we must tell the customer that in order to protect his rights and interests, in order for us to have more trust and accessibility, Alibaba trade assurance system is equivalent to our two guarantors, giving us a sense of security.

Another customer asked for an increase in the number of carbon fiber telescopic poles products in the Alibaba trade assurance order process. Later, we revised the amount and quantity of the order through negotiation. Such operations have become more and more proficient and easy to operate over time, and have become a departure. Single priority.

I also have an Indian client. The client has drafted the Alibaba trade assurance order for carbon fiber tubes and plates. Even without much explanation from the client, it seems that Alibaba trade assurance order has become the first choice for many customers because it is enough. Trust and convenience.

It is necessary to pay attention to the delivery date. Once the two parties have agreed on the delivery date, they must be delivered on time after filling in. Otherwise, there will be a certain reduction and punishment according to the overdue delivery.

With the accumulation of time and the accumulation of business experience, I believe that I will be able to go further and more securely on this road. Alibaba trade assurance order will accompany us and help us better complete the settlement of the order completion data, so let us The increase in traffic has led to more inquiries, which is a virtuous circle and hopes that we will achieve even greater breakthroughs in the new year!

I wish you all the best in the Year of the Pig, and there are many good things!

By Claudine GUO

Zibo Zhongdu Trade Co,. Ltd