Project Description

Material:100% Carbon Fiber tubes+clamps


Surface:UD glossy with thread treatment

Section:12 sections

Section length: 1550mm-1850mm

Extension Length: 20 meters

Thickness of tubes :1mm -1.5mm

Diameter of tubes: 18mm-52mm

MOQ: 1 set with clamps(sample)

Sample price: $322/pc

Advantage:Higher Strength, flexible

Application: window cleaning, Marine rescue, agricultural picking, photography support

Carbon fiber is a lightweight, durable fiber used in advanced composites. Made of thin, strong crystalline graphite materials, carbon fiber has a wide arrange of applications due to its ability to be formed at various densities, allowing it to form into limitless shapes and sizes.  These products are used in a wide variety of industries and applications due to their durability and the ability to have them easily customized.

Tolerance 91%
Endurance 98%
C Content 100%

Zhongdu Carbon is capable of making a wide range of carbon fiber tubes to match any requirements necessary. Our years of expertise allow us to work closely with our engineers to deliver the best advice and solutions in carbon fiber tubing.

Our mission is to assist our customers in achieving their project goals by providing the best quality material along with great customer service.