Product name: paddle board resin adhesiveProduct

model: 2120ab-1-dProduct

features: paddle-board resin adhesive is an epoxy resin adhesive solidified at room temperature and low temperature. The surface of the curing material is flat, bright, high hardness, low viscosity, leveling and good uv resistance.

Product use: oar board resin glue is used for oar board, composite material approval and perfusion, mold perfusion and other electronic parts insulation, moisture-proof sealing, sealing, etc.

Appearance and physical property:No. 2120 a – 1-2120 – b – 1 D D

Color blue transparent colorless transparent

Than 25 ℃ ㎝ of 1.15 g / 3 g / 0.96 ㎝

3Sticky degree of 25 ℃, 8000-10000 CPS. 500-2000 CPS

Shelf life of 25 ℃ 6 months to six months

 Usage  meathod :

Ratio: A: B = 100:50 (weight ratio)

Can use time: 25 ℃ by 15 minutes mixing amount (100 g)Curing condition: 2-4 hours at room temperatureProducts to be potted need to be kept dry and clean;When used, check agent A first to see if there is subsidence, and fully mix agent A evenly;According to the ratio, and weighing accurate, please bear in mind that the ratio is weight ratio rather than volume ratio. After mixing agent A and B, it needs to be fully mixed to avoid incomplete curing.Please pour glue on time after mixing evenly and try to use mixed glue solution within available time.

The glue liquid will gradually permeate into the gap of the product after pouring.Cure process, keep the environment clean to prevent impurities or dust from falling onto the surface of unsolidified glue.

Post-curing features:

  • hardness: shore D > 92

  • voltage resistance: KV/mm

  • bending strength: Kg/mm2

  • volume resistance: Ohm3 1x10x5

  • surface resistance: Ohmm2 5X10*15

  • thermal conductivity: W/M.K 1.36

  • induced power loss: 1KHZ 0.42

  • ) thermal deformation temperature: 120 ℃

  • 9) water absorption: % <0.15

  • compressive strength: Kg/mm2 4

Matters needing attention:

Will start to solidify gradually after mixing, its viscosity will rise gradually, and will release some heat;As the amount of glue mixed together is more, the reaction will be faster, and the curing speed will be faster, and a lot of heat will be released. Please pay attention to control the amount of glue preparation once, because the reaction is faster, the use time will be shortened.

Can use time: is refers to under the condition of 25 ℃, 100 g glue mixture liquid of viscosity double time, not operational time, glue solution can’t use;

Storage and packaging:This product shall be sealed and kept in a place of ventilation, shade and dry, with a shelf life of 12 months.Packaging is available at 3, 15 or 30kg per set, which contains the main agent 1, 5 or 20kg/ barrel, curing agent 1, 5 or 20kg/ barrel.

By Kalumi