A little knowledge of carbon fiber cloth:

the carbon fiber cloth produced by Sino fly elephant is made from 12k small tow carbon fiber raw materials, 24 12k carbon fiber raw wires are used to weave the 200g/m2 carbon fiber cloth, and 24 12k carbon fiber raw wires are used to weave the 300g/m2 carbon fiber cloth。

The mechanical properties of CFRP are specified in the national standard. For unidirectional carbon fiber cloth of high strength grade I, its tensile strength should be no less than 3000Mpa. The carbon fiber cloth produced by Sino fly elephant can exceed 3000Mpa. No matter it is inspected on-site or sent as samples. It can be used in reinforcement engineering confidently and boldly

How to choose the right carbon fiber cloth? The differences between 200g and 300 CFRP sheets are as follows: 1. Different raw materials are used. In terms of weaving, 24 12k CFRP filaments are used for 200g/m2 CFRP cloth. While 36 12k CFRP filaments are used for 300g/m2 CFRP cloth

In the final analysis, the quality of carbon fiber cloth is finally changed in terms of its mechanical properties. The process of reinforcement and transformation, we should choose reasonable carbon fiber cloth for construction according to design requirements or engineering needs.

National standards tell you that a good CFRP is:

1、High-quality aviation-grade carbon fiber: high-quality carbon fiber raw material, 12k aviation grade small tow carbon fiber 12k aviation-grade carbon fiber imported from Japan can withstand the tension of 500kg per square millimeter.

2、Carbon filament is smooth and even – without wool. its strength is more stable than ordinary carbon filament, and its weight is light. A single carbon filament weighs only 0.8g per meter, and its density is only one-quarter of that of steel. Its strength is higher than T700, and its strength is 10 times greater than that of steel

Strong weaving process, continuous weaving, no silk, no fluff, no loss of mechanical properties of carbon wire, easy to penetrate and paste during construction

Carbon fiber cloth is tight, smooth surface, easy to let carbon fiber adhesive penetration and paste. Squeeze all the performance out of carbon fiber, give full play to,

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