The carbon fiber shoes provides good protection to the feet. The carbon fiber shoes  is very light and provides excellent stability. It can be made to different hardness and thickness according to customers’ needs.Why choose carbon fiber shoes?because it‘s a smart choice.

After the equipment is formed, it is hand-polished by hand, painted, and the details are perfectly processed. The quality is first-class and the industry is exemplary.

Carbon fiber shoes: hiking shoes, sports shoes, skates, special materials for skiing are as follows:

1,Thermoplastic carbon fiber board

Thermoplastic carbon fiber board description: very short molding time, thermoplastic carbon fiber board can be heated twice, high wear resistance, not brittle, good shape

Long-term storage without light

Can be overmolded

Dry molding without solvent

Long-term storage time at room temperature, no need for cold storage

Can be welded

Low bubble content, ≤0.2%

Beautiful surface.

Why choose sinoflyelephant brand ?

First: the quality advantage

Introducing German technology, strict quality control, faster delivery

  1. Using Dongli and DuPont brand raw materials, the quality is more excellent
  2. Germany imports automated production equipment, product quality is better
  3. Advanced aviation material production process to ensure product stability

Second: the price advantage

Integrated process of production, molding and processing

  1. Raw materials are directly purchased by manufacturers, removing intermediate links and lowering costs
  2. Advanced German automated production equipment, higher yield
  3. Advanced high-precision CNC machining center, batch processing, higher production capacity