Product introduction:

Product Name: a Clip-fastening telescopic rod

Product material: carbon fiber, glass fiber, carbon glass composite

Product appearance: Resin color (wear resistant)

Product specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Product use: High-altitude high-strength telescopic rod.

Product Features Lightweight, high strength; wear resistance. Long life; easy to operate and easy to carry

How to use the telescopic rod

Features: Made of carbon fiber, the post is telescopic, locked by a clip, and the head of the post has a rubber or plastic cone.


  1. The cone and the cone hole should be tightly combined and found to be loose and should not be used to avoid falling and hurting people.

  2. The upper and lower posts are not loose after locking.

3, the expansion of the post should be slow, especially when stretching to the extreme, do not violently pull the upper and lower tubes, so as not to damage the lock.

  1. Do not use excessive force when rotating the locker to avoid damage caused by over-rotation.

5, the post must not appear bumps, and there should be no bending, affecting shrinkage.

6, after use, wipe clean and keep it safe.

High-strength carbon fiber telescopic rod.

Material: carbon fiber, 3k carbon fiber,

Specifications: Custom

Surface: smooth surface:

Features: It is made up of different sizes of FRP and carbon fiber round spinal tube. It can be divided into multiple sections and assembled according to customer requirements. The quality is light, the telescopic strength is good, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Application areas: golf hand pole, film and television tripod, walking stick, ski pole, video instrument, flagpole, special antenna.

BY Kalumi