In the case of new coronaviruses, everyone has a responsibility to strengthen protection. sinoflyelephant hope to help you better with sharing a few tips for prevention.

  1. It is recommended that you wear medical surgical masks when going out to public places, seeking medical treatment and taking public transportation.
  2. Please reduce the number and time of going out as much as possible. Keep your hands hygienic and avoid touching public items and parts in public places. You can choose the Sinoflyelephant telescopic rod instead of pressing the keys when taking the elevator.
  3. Maintain good hygiene habits, open windows at home, exercise more, avoid touching and eating wild animals.
  4. According to the clinical characteristics of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus, the core pathogenesis is “wet, poison, stasis, and occlusion”. The disease is located in the lungs and spleen, which can damage the bloodstream. Recommend two Chinese medicine prescriptions for pneumonia to prevent new coronavirus infection:

The first prescription for preventing pneumonia of new coronavirus infection:

Recipe: Atractylodes, Honeysuckle, Chenpi, Reed Root, Mulberry Leaf, Raw Astragalus

Dosage: Boiled water for drinking for 7-10 days

Pneumonia No. 2 for preventing new coronavirus infection:

Recipe: Raw Astragalus, Stir-fried Atractylodes, Windproof, Guanzhong, Honeysuckle, Perran, Chenpi

Dosage: Decoction, continuous 7-10 days.

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