In developed countries, carbon fiber industry has played an important role in supporting industrial upgrading and improving the overall quality of national economy.

In the late 1960s, China started the development of PAN – based carbon fiber at the same time with foreign countries.In 2009, the domestic carbon fiber industry has been developing slowly for many years, and the production enterprises and investment bases are constantly increasing. The development of this industry has entered a new period.

At present, domestic carbon fiber manufacturers do not have the ability to compete with foreign enterprises in terms of enterprise proprietary technology, human resources, production cost and marketing network. However, the successful development of domestic carbon fiber has reduced the market price of carbon fiber and promoted the application of carbon fiber and products.With its light and high strength characteristics, carbon fiber composite products will be widely used in domestic civil aviation, petroleum exploitation, wind power generation, pressure vessel and other industries with low production cost. As a new growth point in the industry, carbon fiber consumption will increase day by day and the market demand will be vigorous.From the perspective of supply, the domestic supply of t-300 grade carbon fiber is adequate, but the production and supply of high-grade carbon fiber is still a bottleneck. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the development of high-modulus products such as t-700, t-800, M40 and M50.

In recent years, the advanced composite material industry such as carbon fiber has been developing rapidly, and the application of carbon fiber in the high-end composite material market has been quite popular, mainly including military and civil aviation, sports and leisure and civil industry.Before 2000, China’s carbon fiber production technology was in a backward state for a long time, and the production scale was very small. It was far from enough to meet the demand of China’s advanced composite materials, and the products needed were imported from abroad at high prices.In recent years, with the support of the state and the hard work of scientists, the t-300 level carbon fiber has been developed.Zhongfu shenying and weihai have expanded two production lines of kiloton level, and it is predicted that China’s production capacity will reach 10,000 tons.

China’s carbon fiber industry is moving more smoothly!

by kalumi