The importance of the bicycle frame is believed to be understood by the riders. The bicycle frame can be said to determine the performance and handling of the bicycle. A good frame is to give a bicycle a good soul.

The frame of the bicycle largely determines the durability of the bicycle and the comfort of the bicycle when riding, because the bicycle frame of different materials gives the rider a different riding experience. For example, the well-known carbon fiber frame and aluminum alloy frame, although the two seem to have a certain difference on the surface, only after the actual riding, it will be found that the difference between the two is not only on the texture. difference.

Everyone knows that carbon fiber frames. In the frame of various materials, the weight and rigidity of carbon fiber can be said to be better. Of course, a light bicycle is piled up in RMB, so the frame made of carbon fiber. It is also more expensive, compared to frames of other materials.

Carbon fiber is made up of multiple fiber materials through carbonization and other processes. The carbon content is more than 90%. The biggest feature is that it has a light weight under the premise of ensuring hardness. The strength is also the lever, with the hardness of steel, but the weight is only 20% of the steel.

Although the frame made of carbon fiber is very light and the hardness is not bad, there is a fatal weakness, that is, at a high cost, once in a shape, so once it is hit, or damaged, it is basically impossible to repair.

Aluminum alloys are also very familiar to everyone, and are the mainstream of the bicycle industry. Many of the entry vehicles are made of aluminum alloy, because among many materials, the price of aluminum alloy is relatively cheap, and the quality and weight can keep up.

The reason why the price of aluminum alloy is cheaper than carbon fiber is that the processing procedure of aluminum alloy is not as complicated as the processing procedure of carbon fiber, but not all aluminum alloy frames are cheaper than carbon fiber, and good aluminum alloy car The rack is also expensive.

Due to its lightweight nature, the frame made of aluminum alloy has sensitive handling and high rigidity when riding, and it is not only easy to control when riding, but also the riding experience for the rider. Very good, riding performance and performance is not worse than carbon fiber.

All in all, the carbon fiber frame, and the aluminum frame, one is economical, one is the pursuit of perfection, the specific choice depends on their actual situation, the best for their own.

BY Claudine