With the rapid development of science and technology, the industry of science and technology is emerging as a new type of industry. Fashion IT brands are diversified with the market. The increase in the brand and function of mobile phones is also diversified. The mobile phone protective case is divided into a PC shell, leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, leather case, metal tempered glass case, soft plastic, cashmere, silk, etc. Category. The mobile phone case not only serves as an ornament to make your mobile phone a landscape but also protects the mobile phone from falling, scratching, waterproof and shockproof!

In the mid-to-late 1990s, mobile phone cases began to flourish through the opportunity of slimming mobile phones. Its variety is also diversified with the increase of mobile phone brand and function. According to the texture, it is divided into leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic and so on.

The PC shell:
PC shell is a very popular shell, restore the phone shell color, with high permeability performance, PC material strength, fatigue resistance, size stability, good heat dissipation, is a common material in the heat dissipation better, excellent insulation performance, so as a mobile phone shell is very practical. Can do a lot of post-processing, such as oil injection, painting, leather cases, 3D relief and so on.

Silicone shellSilicone shell is the most familiar type of mobile phone protective shell. Its soft texture and slightly smooth feel have been popular in the market for many years. From shoddily made to the development of fine work of the individual character brand, market share has always maintained the lead. Because of its excellent cost performance, silicone shell in the later MP3, iPod popular time, also popular, by many people’s favor. There are two kinds of silica gel shells, one is organic silica gel, the other is inorganic silica gel. The mobile phone silicone case on the market basically belongs to the former. Silicone has many advantages, such as high-temperature resistance, good weather resistance (not afraid of ultraviolet or ozone decomposition), good insulation, material stability (will not change with the animal body).In addition, people choose a silicone shell, also because of its good feel: part of the keyboard rigid mobile phone, covered with silicone shell will be improved. And can absorb some knock against the impact of the phone, so as to reduce the damage to the phone. In addition, the silicone shell is better waterproof performance, which has become its biggest selling point. Although the advantages of silica gel shell many, and the price is low. However, there are still some shortcomings. Due to poor air permeability, long-term wearing will lead to heat accumulation in the phone body. Especially, some smartphones with high calorific value are not recommended for users. Moreover, the silicone shell itself is slightly sticky, which will collect and absorb a large amount of dust on the phone after a period of use. In the long run, this is not conducive to the beauty of the phone, which runs counter to the original intention of protecting the phone. In addition to the above considerations, the purchase of mobile phone silicone shell is also worth paying attention to one or two.

In all kinds of protective cases, mobile phone leather protective cases are also very popular. Compared with a single style of silicone cover, business people who struggle in the workplace prefer to use generous and decent leather cover. Different from young people who advocate leisure, it is unrefined for them to hold a mobile phone with a single appearance and color. The same as the silicone case, the mobile phone case is also divided into two types, one is the popular waist for many years, the applicable type is more common; The other is a pocket-size, portable leather case, which looks different but is made in much the same way. The advantages of portable leather cover are chic, elegant, do not wear the phone, good heat dissipation, but unlike the silicone case can play a waterproof role, at the same time, if the leather cover is too large to put into the pocket, carry up more or less some inconvenience. The quality of leather cases is also uneven. Although leather is covered on the ground also can be seen everywhere, but one cent one cent goods, the nature of ten yuan won’t use a dermal capable person to pledge, it is man-made leather mostly or false skin, use the phenomenon that can appear craze to open glue before long. And dermal wear well, service life is longer, of course, price does not poor also, the price is in commonly a few yuan to a few hundred yuan differ.
Functional featuresFold the advantages
The characteristics of mobile phone protective shell are: anti-slip, shockproof, scratchproof, anti-fall, wear-resistant, distinct personality, cool, enhance the service life, beautiful. Can show a person’s personality.
Disadvantages of mobile phone shell:1. If the hard shell is not perfectly fitted to the phone, it will also cause wear and tear on the phone.2. The metal mobile phone shell will cause certain interference to the mobile phone signal.3. The phone case made of tpu material is easy to change color