Carbon plate is a composite material formed by bonding epoxy resin and carbon fiber wire. Its tensile strength is 3 to 4 times that of steel; steel is 2 to 3 times that of steel; weight is only 25% to 33% of steel. %. Carbon plates have such indicators, of course, the production cost is much higher than the TPU.
The role of carbon plates
Carbon fiber composite materials are widely used in military, medical, daily and many other aspects:
The wing of the aircraft, the body of the F1 car, the body of the high-end bicycle, the high-end fishing rod, and the prosthesis used by the disabled are all made of carbon fiber.

These carbon fiber products have excellent performance and are of course expensive. Not only because of the technical difficulty of the material itself, but also the high scrap rate when processing the special mold, and finally a lot of manual grinding can be completed, so the price is quite high.

The story of carbon plates and sneakers

So what is the role of carbon sheets on sneakers?

First of all, we standardize the concept of carbon steel shoes. In the shoes, the full name of carbon plates is carbon fiber anti-twist trays. Therefore, we must first understand the role of the anti-torque tray.
When it comes to anti-twist trays, we should start with ergonomics and the physiological structure of human feet. As a skeleton, the arch is a frame that supports the load of muscle tissue. As a structure, the arch is a bridge that connects the front and rear feet and cushions or transmits power. For shoes, the role of the anti-rotation tray is very similar to that of the arch.
First of all, its anti-twist function is to protect the arch and prevent the twisting of the shoes and the human foot under the huge force. Once the athlete’s arch is twisted, the consequences are unimaginable and may well mean the end of the sports career. Therefore, this protection function is the most basic mission of carbon fiber trays.

Secondly, like a tray, it acts as a bone for muscle tissue, a spine for the human body, and a steel bar for concrete, which is a support and a bone. Sneakers without trays are soft and lack stability and cannot be used for intense sports. Basically all high-quality sports shoes, whether basketball shoes, soccer shoes, tennis shoes or badminton shoes, have strong anti-twisting trays as the support of the whole shoe.

Therefore, for functional sports shoes, the anti-rotation bearing tray is an essential structure. The role of carbon fiber composites is to make it tougher and more flexible while making it lighter! Other materials cannot achieve the degree of carbon fiber, TPU or plastic plate, all are not rivals. This is why NIKE only uses high-end shoes to use carbon plates.