Elephants are very old animals on the earth, and they can always rely on their amazing memory to migrate back and forth across their territory. Some 23,000 African elephants live in Kenya, where elephants are one of the country’s “big five” animals.

In Africa, clashes between villagers and elephants occur almost daily. In this case, homeless elephant orphans day more people’s attention, the elephant orphanage also came into being.

Because the elephant, elephant ivory, world was mass murder, it is estimated that in Africa and Asia two continent, there are one hundred elephants were hunted every day, people cut take its most valuable parts of the body, especially the ivory. Although the international has been issued on the ivory trade ban, but counterproductive, the ban only increases the price of ivory, the more people to kill elephants: until 2013, people in order to get the precious ivory has been killed more than 20000 elephants.

World elephant day was launched on August 12, 2012 to call attention to the plight of African and Asian elephants. Elephants are threatened by climate change and rampant poaching for ivory.

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