The world’s most advanced new carbon fiber “born” strength increased by 3 times
According to the Carbon Fiber Experience Museum, just yesterday. The Japanese news reported that Japan’s largest carbon fiber supplier Toray has successfully developed a new carbon fiber material that is three times stronger than ordinary carbon fiber. That causes the focus of the global carbon experience industry.

The new carbon fiber can maintain the performance of molded parts even if the amount of carbon fiber is reduced. That can reduce the weight of aircraft, railcars, super-running, etc., and greatly reduce the cost of carbon fiber. The application of carbon fiber is more and more extensive. Toray first applied new carbon fiber to golf equipment and drones for testing and strived to successfully apply it to aircraft after two years. Compared with the previous carbon fiber products. The new carbon fiber has successfully improved the strength by three times while maintaining the deformation and modulus of elasticity. It is difficult for carbon fiber to balance strength and elastic modulus. And it has become the top priority of research.

The new carbon fiber has an elastic modulus of 377 GPa and a stretch of 5.7 GPa when processed into a bundle. Studies have shown that this is the first carbon fiber in the world to produce two functions at this level.
Toray controls the internal structure of carbon fiber in nanometers while fine-graining the fine carbon crystals in the same direction. The new product maintains the same modulus of elasticity as the existing production while increasing the strength.

At present, the amount of carbon fiber used in aircraft and car super-running is increasing dramatically, replacing metal materials as much as possible. Purpose To reduce the weight of the product, improve fuel efficiency and enhance duration.

From the perspective of aircraft with a long development cycle, the next generation of aircraft will use new carbon fiber materials. Toray also said that new carbon fiber materials are expected to be used in electric motors and battery-powered electric aircraft.