Carbon fiber, due to its excellent material properties and flexible design, is now more and more sought after by designers. Some of the things that are more useful and bigger, but the exquisite, lightweight, and fashionable objects have been developed. It is amazing.

Spectra is a mini electric smart skateboard with the 3D attitude control system and built-in the smallest ABS brake module and Supercar carbon fiber + magnesium hybrid material. It is very compact and offers four different modes, whether it is With the ability to travel, show off, and race, Spectra can meet the needs of different young people.

his tailor-made sled is made of carbon fiber and has a slim body contour with more than 150 virtual physics simulations. This allows the body to have a lightweight structure that enhances the steering power of the sled. Carbon fiber materials also reduce vibration, eliminate noise and improve the overall performance of the ski.

This luxury motorboat is designed to be elegant and exquisite, with a lightweight carbon fiber structure and a waterproof luggage case and refrigerator under the seat. The power of 300 hp makes it possible to reach a top speed of 100 km/h (56 nautical miles) per hour on the water. There are also audio and navigation systems.
It’s a pity that carbon fiber is so light and strong. It’s not a naive thing. Designers certainly won’t miss it. Take a look at these novel guys who can fly.

“Sun Pulse HB-SIA” is a solar-powered aircraft with a length of 21.85 meters and a height of 6.4 meters. The longest wing is 63.4 meters. Due to the carbon fiber, the fuselage weighs only 1.6 tons. The energy is completely provided by 11,628 photovoltaic panels.

This carbon fiber drone, like a paper airplane, has a super tough carbon fiber fuselage and an ultra-low drag delta wing design that looks like a perfect high-tech toy.

This carbon fiber kite completely subverts the basic image of a kite. It is a cube structure made by British design artists Sash Reading and Ivan Morison. It is made up of 1,700 3D prints connected by carbon fiber rods.

Leaos is a carbon fiber electric bicycle with a body frame, front fork, fenders, and handlebars made of carbon fiber with a digital display in the center of the handlebar. According to the standard design of the formula car, the vehicle maintains very good strength and toughness. On both sides of the frame is a solar panel that uses the energy absorbed by the body surface to power the vehicle. Inside the body, the shell is a highly integrated electronic chip that controls the wheel motor of the bicycle.