step: 1

Imported six bearings. More smooth

Carbon fiber sliding track adopts six race steel bearings. High strength normal operation for a long time to maintain the balance of smooth effect, soundproof and waterproof, high maintenance clean

Step2 :

20 cm diameter carbon fiber tube

Our double slide rail design is reasonable, carbon fiber material, bearing high, light weight is really smooth and super quiet long time users will not worry about dust, long service life.


Can be connected to other equipment, more powerful function

The slide rail has 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes on both sides and in the middle, which can be used together with other equipment such as foot frame to make the slide rail more powerful.


High precision dual level, more quickly find the balance point

Using a high precision level, the bubble position in the level is observed to determine whether the equilibrium level position


New professional footpad, firm and non-slip

The new anti-skid foot pad is designed with a 360-degree spherical shape, which can easily achieve seamless and solid butt joint of points and surfaces. It is suitable for the adjustable design of various scenes, and it is more stable for quick support of retraction and retraction


Suspension panel design

Bearing area up to, the holder fixed stability slider panel hollow design, effectively reduce the weight, the holder interface is 3/8 standard screw mouth, improve the scalability, equipped with a standard level to provide convenience for shooting

Step 7

Manually adjustable damping, more convenient adjustment

The outer side of the slider is damped by hand, which can be adjusted at will. The looser the adjustment, the smoother the sliding of the slider. The processing technology is adopted, which is more durable and has a stronger locking ability


Embedded design, stronger bearing capacity

The track and support foot adopt embedded design, bearing capacity is good, more stable

Step 9

Fold the bracket to the Angle

Flexible and easy to carry folding supporting feet. Fast retractable, support foot can be folded directly to achieve lower camera position

Step 10

Angles vary. You can get whatever you want

The low shot can rotate 360 °. It can be matched with a tripod. Vertical row head can be adjusted, can be a side shot

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