Carbon fiber mesh cloth, also known as carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber braided cloth, etc., carbon fiber mesh cloth has the characteristics of high strength, small density, thin thickness, basically does not increase the self-weight of reinforced members and cross-section size, and is widely used in various fields.

Characteristic of carbon fiber mesh cloth:

Tensile strength is 7-8 times of that of steel with the same cross-section.

It is light in density and weighs only one fourth as much as steel.

It has good durability and can resist chemical corrosion and damage of harsh environment and climate change.

It can be used to reinforce structural members in tension and earthquake resistance. The material can be used together with the matching impregnating glue to form a carbon fiber composite material, which can form a complete and excellent carbon fiber sheet reinforcement system. It is suitable for dealing with building load increase, engineering function change, material aging and concrete strength grade lower than the setting. Valuation, structural crack treatment, repair of service components in harsh environment, and reinforcement works of protection.

Carbon fiber mesh cloth is mainly used for:

It can be widely used in the reinforcement and repair of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other structural types, structural shapes, aseismic reinforcement and structural reinforcement of joints. The construction is convenient, without large machinery and equipment, no wet operation, no fire, no site fixed facilities, less construction site occupied, and high construction efficiency. High durability, no rust, very suitable for use in high acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environment.