What will the Metro look like in the future?

Economic Daily, Qingdao, June 19, reporter Liu Cheng learned from Sifang Zhongche Co., Ltd. that six new generation metro trains developed by Sifang Zhongche Co., Ltd. have successfully completed the test run on the commissioning line. The train uses a large number of new technologies and materials, representing the future trend of Metro technology, known as the “future metro”.

According to Ding Sansansan, Deputy Engineer of Sifang Co., Ltd., the biggest feature of the new generation of metro trains is lighter and more energy-saving. Advanced carbon fiber technology is adopted. Car body, bogie frame, cab and equipment cabin are all made of carbon fiber composite materials.

Carbon fibers make the train lighter, reducing the weight of the whole car by 13%. At the same time, a more efficient traction system is adopted, which can save more than 15% of the total energy. The maximum speed of the train is 140 kilometers per hour, and the whole operation process is fully automatic driving.

Compared with the traditional metro, the new metro train is more “intelligent”: the window is transformed into a touch screen, which is equivalent to a super-large version of “Pad”. By clicking on the window with your fingertips, you can surf the Internet, watch videos, browse news and watch TV programs on the window.