There was a loud noise in the quiet mountain village. When the villagers heard it, they ran out of the house in Fright. They gathered together and discussed what was going on in surprise. At this time, the little pig beside them pointed to the mountain and roared loudly.

“Look, there is a big wave of dust on the hillside in the distance. ” piggy thought for a moment. “Isn’t that the mountain where Sino Fly Elephant likes to go? Let’s go and see if Sino Fly Elephant is in trouble. “.

The villagers all rushed to the hillside before the scene shocked the villagers.

The villagers asked Sino Fly Elephant what he was doing when he saw the dust flying around his big ears stirred up by Sino Fly Elephant, he gasps answered: “I’ve recently eaten too much, life is too comfortable, I seem to forget how to fly, I can not fly …”.

The villagers quickly comfort Sino Fly Elephant, “it’s okay, we help you to think of a way. “.

From then on, the villagers and Sino Fly Elephant would come to the hillside every day to practice how to fly. They would rub Sino Fly Elephant’s ears and knead his calves. They also found a huge scooter with four wheels, and with the help of the scooter, pushed Sino Fly Elephant forward, every time he tried to take off from the scooter, he fell to the ground.

The villagers also found giant slingshots, fixed the slingshots to tree trunks, pulled the strings together, and managed to eject the Sino Fly Elephant, which they tried many times, He has been failing all the time.

Day After Day, a spring passed. Sino Fly Elephant forgot how to fly. The villagers were worried.

Everyone put their heads together. At this time, brother dog appeared. Brother dog expressed his sympathy to the villagers and Sino Fly Elephant. At the same time, he also appreciated everyone’s perseverance Dog Brother said: “Last year, in addition to the spring, summer, Autumn, and winter, we are happy life, but we still lack one thing, is to get up in frustration, since Sino Fly Elephant forgot to fly, then we help it to make a pair of wings. “

Then little sister pig came up, “the dog is right, we can make a pair of wings, I brought you new material, carbon fiber. “.

With that, little sister pig led everyone to start making wings together, a week passed.

A huge monster appeared on the hillside. No, it wasn’t a monster, it was a “spaceship” with wings. Ha, ha, ha. The Sino Fly Elephant cautiously entered the spaceship. Little sister pig started the engine and the spaceship slowly left the ground With Sino Fly Elephant flying high into the sky.

sino fly elephant carbon fiber

Sino Fly Elephant broke down and returned to the blue sky and white clouds.

Sino Fly Elephant flies through the summer and autumn in a spaceship every day.

“Ao Ao Ao”, the sky filled with small flying elephant’s roar, the villagers ran out, the sound of cheer, Small Flying Elephant can fly again, off the spaceship, small flying elephant and free to fly in the sky and earth.

The villagers were looking for Piggy, but they couldn’t find her. Brother Dog told everyone, little sister pig is about to give birth to a baby pig, also told everyone, we produced the name of the spaceship “drone. “.

We also found after research: Elephant Wings can be made of carbon fiber plate, light and strong, elephant legs can be made of carbon fiber tube pants, the nose on a telescopic tube, free change in length.

Pig also said that our new material carbon fiber can make us rich, not only can make drones but also can make bicycles, fishing poles, hiking poles, paddles and so on. This new material is not only lightweight but also high strength, Very good-looking Can replace a lot of conventional materials on the market, very promising market development.

The villagers were excited. They all said, “because of Sino Fly Elephant’s test flight, we have seized a new opportunity. We all suggested that this new material is named “Sino Fly Elephant brand carbon fiber”.

We work together, and continue to study and develop, slowly more and more products, including carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber retractable pole, and carbon fiber paddle, etc. One of the carbon fiber telescopic rod because of the obvious advantages and the characteristics of a wide range of uses, has become a star product, sales continue hot.

Since then, the villagers work life and Sino Fly Elephant brand carbon fiber closely related, we work together and happy to go forward.

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