Why choose a carbon fiber wallet

Most of the wallet designs are similar now, leather, fabric, nothing more than two. If you want a wallet that is different from others, then this carbon fiber wallet should be your choice.

Carbon fiber wallets, as the name suggests, are made of carbon fiber, which is not only very simple, but also light in weight. It can challenge the limits of wallet thickness.

You can also put some things in the extra layer that you are unlikely to put into your wallet, such as keys, bottle openers, etc.

Not only is it lightweight and extremely durable, it also has a natural RFID shield that protects our privacy. Nowadays, many criminals in the society will use instruments to copy the bank cards of our victims. With the shielding function of this carbon fiber wallet, you will never worry that your bank card will be copied and you will lose property.

Sinoflyelephant carbon fiber wallet only for $22/pc!

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