Why Use Carbon Fiber to Make Cigar Box

Cigars are hand-rolled fermented tobacco. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, they have less nicotine content, less than 2%. The pure natural tobacco, which contains no chemical substances, has little harm to human body and is welcomed by business people. In many Western movies, we can see such a plot, the protagonist takes out a cigar from a well-decorated cigar box and ignites it to smoke. Cigar boxes were first made of high-quality wood. They can also be made of plastics, ox bones, carbon fibers and other materials. This article describes the advantages of carbon fibre cigar boxes.

Cigars are like alcoholic drinks. They do not fade away with time, but become stronger and stronger. A common cigar can be stored in a suitable environment for more than ten or twenty years, and its price can be doubled several times. The most suitable conditions for preserving cigars are temperature 18 degrees and humidity 70 degrees. Cigar boxes can isolate cigars from the outside world and keep them in their best condition. Top-grade wooden cigar boxes are made of cigar or mahogany, walnut and rosewood, which are exquisite in shape and expensive in price. Carbon fibre cigar boxes were invented relatively late, and only recently began to rise. They are light in weight, small in size, easy to carry with you, and will not have the problem of moist and moth like wood. Its shape is streamlined and can closely fit the cigar inside, saving space to the greatest extent.