In the summer of 2018, just graduated, Pure Rookie. Fortunately, I was able to come to Zibo Zhongdu trading co., LTD. Join the warm family and “fight” with your colleagues。Since then, the foreign trade road and the Trade of Assuranceorders have a close relationship.

Our main products are a series of carbon fiber products, the brand is: sinoflyelephat, mainly including carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber board, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon cloth, telescopic rod, and some carbon fiber sports equipment, can also be customized according to customer needs.

In the beginning, when I first entered the company. I began to familiarize myself with carbon fiber products, understand the attributes of the products, release products through Alibaba, and constantly become familiar with the knowledge of the products. Through the cross-border e-commerce professional team of Zibo Cuilei E-commerce, we constantly optimize our platform and match the keywords with high precision. Finally, one week. After that, I also received the first order in my life. It is an Indian customer. Although it is a sample of more than one hundred dollars, this is a new beginning for me.

 I have never walked through the online  Trade Assurance order, I was a bit stunned at first, I do not know where to intervene, through the continuous guidance of colleagues and learning background knowledge. I quickly became familiar with and mastered the procedures and rules of the company, and also negotiated with the customer to the Trade Assurance order. Finally, I successfully completed a Trade Assurance order and received favorable comments from customers. Later, I became a customer of my return order. And directly put forward to take the Trade of Assuranceorders, saying that he is also convenient to take the Trade Assuranceorders. And can receive the goods within the time limit he has specified, and even receive the goods in advance.

Of course, some customers are not recognized for theTrade Assuranceorders. I received a German customer. From the beginning to the end, we kept in touch through the mail. When the order was finalized, I told him that we can through the Alibaba Trade Assurance order. The customer said that he had never bought anything through Alibaba before, and he did not want to take the Trade of Assurance order. He suggested that he could pay by Paypal or transfer. I told the customer that the order can guarantee your cargo safety and financial security, and  It will be delivered to you according to the time limit specified in the TradeAssuranceorder. After the goods are received, we can also give us evaluation in the background. Give us feedback. It can protect your rights very well, and finally, from a customer who has never passed the Alibaba TradeAssurance order, just like this, I started the first one. And after receiving the goods, they gave positive feedback.

As a result, the number of Trade Assurance orders is increasing, our background data is rising, product keyword matching is getting higher and higher, our exposure, click, and inquiry data are constantly increasing, traffic is increasing, and the product is The ranking is also in Top 10, the number of inquiries continues to increase, and the number of customers is increasing, so that our carbon fiber sinoflyelephant brand is constantly being pushed abroad and going abroad.

Through a one-off Trade to protect the order, the salesman on the foreign trade road saves a lot of time and energy but also protects the customer’s rights and benefits.

Take advantage of the Trade Assuranceorder.

  1. Peace of mind:

The Trade Assuranceorder is the most convenient and most worry-free way for foreign trade. It drafts the Trade to secure the order, fills in the customer information, submits the order connection and sends it to the customer, and the customer pays the purchase price. The next step is to arrange the production of the goods until delivery, and associated logistics orders. The goods arrive at the warehouse to pay for the goods, waiting for the warehouse to ship, and then the customer is waiting for the goods to receive the goods. Of course, during the transportation process, the customer should update the logistics information at any time to remind the customers to keep the mobile phone clear, and the logistics company will contact them at any time. Reflecting the spirit of your service, you will have a deep impression on you and your company until the customer receives the goods, invites the customer to evaluate, praise may bring more traffic to your platform.

  1. Can continuously divert traffic

The Trade Assuranceorder can be continuously associated with your explosive products. Our explosion products are carbon fiber telescopic rods. Our Trade Assurance orders are associated with our telescopic tubes and other products with good exposure. The click exposure and inquiries of the telescopic tubes are getting more and more. High, sales are getting better and better, so say, take the Trade Assuranceorders, will continue to help you to divert traffic, make your explosions more explosive, you can also use the Trade Assuranceorders to help you promote other products. Exposure clicks and inquiries will be getting higher and higher ~ natural rankings are naturally ahead of ~.

  1. the account,

In fact, when doing foreign trade, the moment when the heart beats faster is the time when the customer is playing the money. Finally, the customer who talks about it says to pay, if other methods require patience and anxious mood to wait. If you pass the Trade Assuranceorder, the normal date of arrival is 2 hours, but generally, it will arrive in a few minutes, so you can quickly arrange production, delivery,

With the Trade Assurance order, let our platform have better data accumulation and precipitation. As a result, the traffic will continue to increase, the number of inquiries will increase, the number of customers will continue to increase, and the road to foreign trade will become more and easier.

Trade Assurance order go up and make the trade on the road smoother~

In 2019, I wish you a lot of orders, a lot of Money.


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