Carbon fiber Sandwich composite panel:

1 FS–100 lightweight sandwich composite

·Density: 100-200kg/m3
·Special absorption energy: 60-110KJ/kg
·Tensile modulus: 15-19GPa Tensile strength: 150-300MPa
· Surface collision resistance, interlayer impact energy absorption, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, heat insulation.
·Used for house partitions, cabin wall panels, cabin wall panels, acid, and alkali corrosion resistant panels, custom designed and produced according to requirements

2 FS–150 Sandwich Composite material panel

·Density: 100-360kg/m3
·Special absorption energy: 50-130KJ/kg
· Specific modulus: 4.5-13.8MPa.m3/kg
· Surface puncture resistance, interlayer impact energy absorption, multi-function (sound insulation, anti-electromagnetic interference) design.
· Peripheral parts for new energy bodies, peripheral parts for ships and armored vehicles, battery protection boxes, etc.

3 FS–200 fiber reinforced sandwich composite

· Density: 120-310kg/m3
·Special absorption energy: 35-80KJ/kg
·Tensile modulus: 18-38GPa
·High strength, good impact resistance, high absorption energy, bending stiffness/density ratio is 3 times that of steel (EI/ρ)
·Used for anti-collision and anti-shock parts of the cabin, the inner wall of the side door of the car, military explosion-proof plate

4 FS–300 metal corrugated reinforced polyurethane composite

· Very lightweight, density: 400kg/m3
·Special absorption energy: 30-70KJ/kg
·Thickness, high strength, high rigidity and metallic luster on the surface.
Used for protective sheets, partitions, etc.

5 FS–400 fiber reinforced sandwich composite

· Very lightweight, density 70-150kg/m3
·High energy absorption ratio: up to 150kJ/kg
· Sound insulation and heat insulation. The variety of panel materials and sandwich materials. For cold chain transporter partitions, RV partitions or peripherals, etc.

6 FS–500 carbon fiber panel metal lattice sandwich composite

·Anti-impact, anti-explosion, light and heavy, optimizable
·Designability of the sandwich lattice structure (BCC, FCC, BCC-Z, etc.)
Relative density: 3.5-50% (total volume of material divided by total volume occupied by lattice structure)
·High energy absorption 1.4-3.6KJ/kg

7 FS–600 fiber reinforced foam corrugated composite

· High energy absorption (30-90KJ/kg)
· Very lightweight, density is only 300-500kg/m3
· Bending stiffness/density ratio is 4 times that of steel (EI/ρ)

8 FS–700 fiber-metal corrugated composite

· Low relative density: 10-30% (total volume of material divided by total volume occupied by corrugated structure)
· Bending stiffness/density ratio is 3 times that of steel (EI/ρ)
· High energy absorption (20-50KJ/kg)

9 FS–800 Carbon fiber reinforced vertical structural composite

· Density: 80-130kg/m3
·High energy absorption ratio: 150KJ/kg
·Used for high strength, used in military cabins, suitcases, etc.

10 FS–900 Multifunctional lightweight sandwich composite

·The density is less than 200kg/m3
· Customized design for heat insulation, sound insulation, and other functions. It is used for beautiful decoration and can quickly build a board room.

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