Sinoelephant co., LTD. Specializes in the supply of carbon fiber ,glass fiber, glass fiber profile, glass fiber tube, carbon fiber tube carbon fiberGlass fiber pultrusion molding products, glass fiber yarn + resin pultrusion curing molding, products are widely used, can be adapted to various fieldsGood aging resistance, light specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, suitable for various fields. Widely used in kites, sails, tents, umbrella bones, tripods, luggage, ski poles, flagpoles, arrow poles, bolts, steel bars, grilles, insulation parts, motors, transformers, and other sports equipment and special industrial occasions.

The product types include a variety of fibers such as fiberglass, carbon fiber or fiberglass/carbon fiber blends and a variety of resins such as unsaturated polyester, vinyl, epoxy or phenolic resins. Fiber tube, glass fiber rod, carbon fiber rod, carbon rod, tent pole, mosquito net pole, kite bone, umbrella bone, glass fiber profile.Glass fiber reinforced plastic rod refers to the glass fiber and resin through a certain method of production;The possible reinforcement materials are glass fiber reinforced materials and carbon fiber reinforced materials. Generally speaking, carbon fiber rod is also one kind of glass fiber reinforced materials.

However, due to the different reinforcement materials, the strength of the carbon fiber rod is much higher than that of ordinary glass fiber rod.

Fiberglass rod tube because of its unique performance advantages, has been in the aerospace, railway, building decoration, household furniture, display advertising, craft gifts, building materials, sanitary ware, yacht docking, sports material, sanitation engineering and so on more than a dozen are widely used in industry, and praise, become a darling material industry of new era business requirements.